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Everything Concerning Dan Anton

Find a Partner

This is simultaneously pointless along with the most significant. Whilst, numerous folks usually do not "need" partners as a way to be successful it certainly makes the journey that much more gratifying and fewer stressful. He/she must be someone you have confidence in and care about adequate that his/her success is a lot more crucial for you than your personal. For me this was my brother, Matt Anton. Together we preserve one another centered and get the slack if the other isn't in a position to become productive for almost any quantity of causes.

Supply Value

Dan Anton
Decrease attrition and supply a service you'd probably use your self. Perception is Fact so construct a Reputation created of Gold.

Revenue is King

A popular service does not imply anything at all unless of course you've Earnings to back again it up. Concentrate each and every go forward escalating the underside line.

Check Everything

In no way make assumptions. Examination and Split-Test all alternatives. Constantly try new pricing methods, marketing and advertising techniques, headlines, follow-ups, marketing media, and so on. In the event you have not analyzed some thing, you need to do not know if you are carrying out it proper.

Learn from your Competitors

When in doubt, duplicate! You will find many ideas/systems presently developed that just need to be improved, and/or combined right into a "set it and overlook it" sort of method. Duplicate your competitions' most successful tactics. Steal wholesale, and then add your personal spin to it.


You turn into a much better businessperson by learning many different sorts of businesses. A business thoughts is one which sees advancement and opportunities in all items.

Use outsourcing & Automate

It is possible to only reach the next level in enterprise once the existing level is systematized enough where you will no longer work within it. Automating tasks with scripts and macros is our favored option, and if a computer truly cannot do it, use outsourcing for it. If you can't find a way to remove oneself, then it's a bad company.


Attempt to make money in your businesses correct from day one. Maintain initial purchases low and propagate financing throughout multiple tasks. In addition, it forces us to resolve complications creatively and learn innovative skills instead of hiring out.

Don't be the product, buy the product!